Invention In Social Services: What If ‘This’ Has Never Been Done Elsewhere?

The mere fact that something has never been done anywhere else is, by itself, not a sufficient ground to avoid doing it. The someone who is to do it first; that pioneer everyone is waiting for, is you. You should begin and lead the way for everyone else still held back by such reluctance as you feel. Do it first. You probably will not be perfect at it, and you certainly will be criticized. Yet, criticism only confirms the interest of the critic. Otherwise, a disinterested person would not be bothered.

Somehow, if you are mentally and emotionally mature enough, you will hear within the chastisement a clear message of alternative options or – to clear your earlier ignorance – an exposition of what has been thought and presented about the subject before. Either way, only you can benefit for your next attempt.

If you are a leader, and are considering various alternative courses of action, sometimes it helps to have a dream and curiously venture to wonder – like Jack Ma of Alibaba – what if that dream came true? What if you succeeded?

You would think the world has already exhausted all firsts, until you read about inspirational figures like US President Barack Obama. I mean, President Obama is the first (President, Obama, African-American, etc) to do a lot of things. Getting elected to the White House, addressing the African Union, visiting a federal prison, visiting Kenya as Head of State, flying nearest to the North Pole, whatnot!

Some things are routine yet are historic on a personal level just because you did them. You are the first person in your life to do anything, and you will never be first until you do it. The good thing is, however old you are, you will be first in your life.

For these and all the reasons you can find, try doing things that nobody else has done before. If they are good, they will be great, inspirational touchstones for those who will come after you, and who will thank you for striking the first blow.


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